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How to Upgrade WordPress to MySQL 8

So today I’ve been upgrading a bunch of my servers to install latest releases of software, which is why I needed to upgrade wordpress to MySQL 8. Which is a thing that everyone who is responsible for managing number of servers is supposed to do once in awhile. A topic of struggle and pain of… Continue reading

How to fix WordPress database connection for MySQL 8

Very recently I have been upgrading software on my servers to latest one and took the risk of upgrading MySQL to latest 8.0.x version. You can read here how to upgrade WordPress to MySQL 8. In this article I will show how to fix WordPress database connection for MySQL 8. As many recently have experienced… Continue reading

Developing WordPress themes with Docker

Docker is very powerful DevOps tool when used correctly. For developers it can help to simplify setting up of environment or quickly switch between different environments in a few simple steps. Step 1 – Install Docker I am assuming here that the developers are using either Linux or macOS powered device for their environment. Simply… Continue reading

Personal blog re-launch

After a few years of silence, I have decided to finally do my personal blog re-launch. It gets a new domain name, new look and more importantly a bunch of new content. Same as before this content will be all about IT. Operations on traditional infrastructure, cloud providers and other related thoughts. While the old… Continue reading